Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food Memories

What is your first notable food memory? I'm talking that first experience when you realized you were tasting something wonderful, not about 'Memory Food' like corn, or peanuts.

When I was growing up (in Illinois), my parents had a friend who would bring us a big paper bag of Morel mushrooms every fall. My Dad would saute them in butter, and always gave us kids a few. That is a flavor that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The rich, nutty, earthy flavor is wonderful. Back then I thought they tasted like Fritos, which I had mostly only tasted in lunches at friend's houses, but I loved Fritos.

That was the first of many food memories, which are an amazing thing because you just keep building them throughout your lifetime. I don't have the occasion to use Morels in cooking very often, due to their high price here in Texas, but I would if I could!

Food memories. I'm looking forward to hearing about some of yours.


  1. Funny you should ask! As soon as you mentioned corn and peanuts, my mind jumped to peanut brittle. Homemade, of course. It's odd, but I can't remember the season, but would assume Fall or Winter.

    Mom used to make the stuff occasionally, in Revereware pots (I presume the double boiler set-up, to prevent scorching) and a big wooden spoon. Karo corn syrup (or 'sirp' as dad called it), a bag of sugar and a bunch of peanuts. A dab of vanilla? I hated the wait for the finished product to be cold enough to crack into paw-sized slabs. Yum!

    Years later, while I was working at Paul's Drive-In, we'd occasionally get "Pentacostal Peanut Brittle" from some church ladies group, usually Pentacostal, hence the tag, who would go door-to-door selling the stuff. Real-deal peanut brittle, most likely cooked in small batches just like mom.

    Since then, I haven't seen the genuine article. I suppose its hot work, food permits have to be gotten, probably insurance, or other red tape. Just not worth the time. Oh, I've seen the factory made, sold in the box stuff, or some variations on the theme such as 'peanut patties' or 'peanut planks.' But nuthin' beats homemade.

  2. Greg, thanks darlin'! And you're right, nuthin' beats homemade!

  3. Fresh Strawberries at a farmer's market in Paris. Not sure if the strawberries were exceptional or when you are on vacation in Paris everything just seems to taste better.